My initial reaction to the theme “coast” was animals associated with the sea. As a child, going to the rock pools always took up a large part of my time on the beach, discovering new and exciting creatures. From this idea, I came up with a series of smaller investigations along the thought of animals below the sea and how they can be brought into my work. I thought that boating trips could be a route I investigate further as many tourists go on these to see the many creatures of the sea, on this thought, I also thought about sea life centres, places where you do not need to go on a boat to see the animals that live below the sea. From these ideas I could create promotional materials for these businesses and create suitable logos for them. I also thought about the many characters that can be found on the coast; from fishermen to holiday makers, each type of person that goes to the coast has their own personality and I thought that comic postcards and promotional posters for famous seafronts would be a suitable way to reflect these personalities. I also thought about posters to promote popular seaside destinations, with associated structures such as the Blackpool tower and the amusement parks at Great Yarmouth. Architecture has always interested me; therefore, by looking at structures such as lighthouses could be turned into promotional material and also designs for mugs or bags.

Word count: 244