I found that I needed a logo design for the Centre as I found the original logo a bit Sea-Life-Generic-TM-logo_4C_BLUE_SMplain and boring, and since I am appealing to the younger visitors, I felt the need for a new and more exciting logo. I started my research by looking at the current logo and also other logos associated with sea life. I Bubba-Gump-logofound that the main colours used in the logos were blue, white, yellow and red, so when I started designing my logo, I kept these colours in mind as they work well. I found that the Bubba Gump logo was inspirational for my logo, as I really liked the shape of the logo and also the placement of the Image (11)shrimp and the text on the logo. I then took this and applied it to my own ideas for my own logo. I kept the circular shape and changed the shrimp to a dolphin and a seahorse. Out of all of the logos I designed,  the seahorse logo came out the strongest. I also found that I should not choose the dolphin logo as there were not any dolphins in the Sea Life Centre when I visited, compared to the seahorse sanctuary there. I then created my logo by first drawing out the separate parts and cutting them out before painting them. I used  layered card instead of creating the logo digitally because I work better practically compared to digital work. I found that the colours I used worked really well as they balance out well, with the seahorse not being too bright and taking too much attention over the rest of the logo. The text is also well placed on the logo and is readable which is key on any logo. I have also found that the combination of colours and sizing of the seahorse on the logo have made my logo quite memorable and it will stand on my welcome pack.Sealife logo


Word count: 323


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