I have decided that there would be 3 different packs for the visitors to choose from, a pirate, mermaid and scuba diving pack. I have decided to do this because I felt that some girls would prefer to have a more feminine pack compared to the pirate pack and that would give the children more choice when they come to the Centre, I also decided to create an alternative theme so that there would be more choice. Inside the packs, there will be a hat, a map of the centre and on the back of it, there would be an answer sheet as when I visited the Sea Life Centre, the children were able to fill in a quiz and they had to find the answers on their way around the Centre. There will also be an eye patch for the pirate theme, and perhaps a form of goggles for the scuba diving pack. For each theme I will create a character which will be the “face” of the pack, so that the children can refer to it and make the experience a bit more personal and memorable for them.  I decided to keep the hat idea as I thought it was quite popular when I visited the Sea Life Centre and it fits quite well with the themes I have chosen for the packs, for the pirate theme I would create a pirate hat, a tiara for the mermaid theme and for the scuba diving theme I would make a mask of the character for the children to wear.

Word count: 259


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