The Making Of – Character and Bag

I decided to start by making the pirate pack as it was my favourite pack out of all 0f them. For this, I designed a character for my pack by looking at the artist Andrew Bannecker, whose style I found was different and quite soft and colourful. Since I really liked his style, I then created a series of small pirate characters all in his style, I created 9 pirates, chosen pirateall different in the type of clothes that they are wearing and also hair/facial styles.  Out of the 9 pirates I created, I then chose my favourite for the “face” of the pack. I really like the pirate I chose because he looks very happy compared to the other characters I created and also had a sense of adventure which I felt was quite important as it keeps my target audience attracted to the pack.

I also used the 9 pirates and scanned them into Photoshop before adding colour and copying them to make a pattern. I then applied the logo and this pattern is now on the cover of my bag.bag front idea piratespirate


Word count: 193


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