The Making Of – Doll

I decided to turn my pirate character into a soft toy as I felt that I needed some variety in my pack. I created a template by using the character design I had created. This involved a circle for the shape of the head (although the head is not this shape, I felt it was simpler for me to make my doll to good quality with the head as a shape of a circle), a rectangular shape for the body, arms and also the legs.2014-01-25 15.20.43 I found a similar template to help me in a toy book I had at home; this really helped me when I was making my doll. I also had to make my own coat for the pirate, however I had to create a template for it. I felt that making the coat was perhaps the hardest part of making the doll and I found that sewing the sleeves on was particularly difficult.2014-01-26 15.07.24 I found that by putting the sleeves on the character and then sewing the sleeves onto the coat in that way was easier. Apart from this, the rest of the doll was quite straightforward to make, and I am quite pleased with the outcome as it definitely resembles the pirate I created earlier in the project.2014-01-26 20.11.12


Word count: 214


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