The Making Of – Hat

2014-01-12 11.11.00I decided to use the template of the hat I received from the Sea Life Centre as I felt that it was the perfect shape and size. I first drew around the hat and applied colour using gouache. haqt I chose this media as it dries as a solid colour which is what I wanted for my hat. I also chose the colour blue as I wanted all of the colours to be part of the same colour palette: haatred, blue and yellow, just like my logo. I created a dark blue for the colour of my hat and it works  well as it is not too dark so that it looks almost black but also light enough so that any items that I put on top of the colour will show up. When I researched previous hat designs, I found two designs. I really liked the stitch marks on one of the hat designs and I thought that they would look good on my hat design. I also really liked the anchor design on the other design, which I felt would work really well considering that my design was very plain with just a logo on it.

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome as it works really well as a design and also the colours I have used also work really well together. I also like the text I have put on the back of the hat as I felt that the back was a bit plain and therefore I came up with the slogan “What will you discover?”. I will try and use this slogan when it is appropriate on my outcomes.

2014-01-15 09.57.48

Word count: 275



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