At the end of this project, I have created a visitor’s pack aimed at children for the Sea Life Centre. It is made up of five items, the bag included. I have created a map which presents the different areas of the Sea Life Centre in a colourful way with an interactive side as the visitors can complete a quiz on the back of it. I have also created a name plaque which adds a bit of a souvenir touch to the pack and that the pack is aimed for use outside of the Centre as well as inside. The bag design is also quite colourful which attracts the visitors to the pack. The hat also reflects my pirate theme which is one of the 3 themes I decided to choose but I decided to pursue the pirate theme as I felt I could also be more creative with it.

To make the map, name plaque, hat I used a layered card technique before scanning each piece and printing them onto card. I chose the card as it’s a strong material and also when printed on has a glossy touch, making my final outcomes appear quite professional. For the hat and the map, the strength of the card was very important as I wanted them to have long life endurance as these would be the most handled items. I have kept to my colour palette however, the only exception to this was the map where I used contrasting colours to help make the map eye-catching.

I am pleased with my final outcome, I think that each piece looks great and it has come together really well. I really like the hat as it looks really good and it also fits very well despite the fact that I had to print it smaller than I wanted as I had no access to a large printer. I think that the most successful part of the project was my ability to use different skills to create a detailed and professional set of outcomes, using skills that I would not usually use and are my weakest; here it was the making of the doll as I am not very skilled at using a sewing machine. The least successful part of the project is the lack of items in my pack. There were a lot of items that I listed as parts of my pack that I did not make, for example the eye patch and because of this I think that my pack is not as full as I would have liked. I should have also created a guide to the key creatures at the Centre, using illustrations to present the animals. If I had more time, these items would have been made.

I think that if I started the project again I think that I would research more ideas surrounding animals below the sea. I quite liked the idea of creating a scuba diving business and creating promotional pieces for this business. My project was heavily influenced by a handful of artists and the main artist would be Rachael Wilson, whose intricate style I adopted for creating many parts for my pack. I think that another major influence came from Andrew Groves without whom, my map would not be as unique and colourful as it is.

DSCN4966 DSCN4965 pirate packDSCN4959 DSCN4960

Word count: 552


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