The Making Of – Map

I had decided that after many shape designs that a treasure chest shape would be the most appropriate for my map design. I really liked this idea because of its link to my pirate theme and I could also play with the shape of it and use different colours on it. Whistles500pxThe inside of the map is what I struggled to design. I noted down that there were 12 different “zones” or “areas” that I went through when I visited the Sea Life Centre and I would have to create 12 different icons for this but make the map look like a treasure map. This for me was not a problem however the layout of the icons on the page and also  the obscurity of my chosen shape, meant that I would have to be very careful with sizing and placement as I also had to place text on map to help show which “zone” the visitor was in. I found Andrew Groves an artist whose style I immediately liked, and this influenced and inspired my map design. I loved his colour choice, not picking dark colours to make his work stand out. I also liked his use of lines to create waves and I thought that this could be very useful for my map.

I used gouache paint to paint my map and I adopted Rachel Wilson’s style for the creatures on the front of the map. I used acetate to put the answer boxes and the animals on so that it looked clean and tidy. I like the final outcome as the inside contrasts the outside in colour and it is the perfect size as when it opens it is not too big or too small.

Word count: 279

2014-01-15 10.19.07 2014-01-18 15.14.59 2014-01-18 15.15.06 2014-01-21 16.08.43 2014-01-23 19.05.41 2014-01-23 17.05.28 2014-01-21 16.08.53 2014-01-23 20.49.04 2014-01-29 14.45.53 2014-01-29 14.55.17 2014-01-29 14.58.51 2014-01-29 15.06.22 2014-01-29 19.40.18DSCN4963 DSCN4962 DSCN4961


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