I found that I needed a logo design for the Centre as I found the original logo a bit Sea-Life-Generic-TM-logo_4C_BLUE_SMplain and boring, and since I am appealing to the younger visitors, I felt the need for a new and more exciting logo. I started my research by looking at the current logo and also other logos associated with sea life. I Bubba-Gump-logofound that the main colours used in the logos were blue, white, yellow and red, so when I started designing my logo, I kept these colours in mind as they work well. I found that the Bubba Gump logo was inspirational for my logo, as I really liked the shape of the logo and also the placement of the Image (11)shrimp and the text on the logo. I then took this and applied it to my own ideas for my own logo. I kept the circular shape and changed the shrimp to a dolphin and a seahorse. Out of all of the logos I designed,  the seahorse logo came out the strongest. I also found that I should not choose the dolphin logo as there were not any dolphins in the Sea Life Centre when I visited, compared to the seahorse sanctuary there. I then created my logo by first drawing out the separate parts and cutting them out before painting them. I used  layered card instead of creating the logo digitally because I work better practically compared to digital work. I found that the colours I used worked really well as they balance out well, with the seahorse not being too bright and taking too much attention over the rest of the logo. The text is also well placed on the logo and is readable which is key on any logo. I have also found that the combination of colours and sizing of the seahorse on the logo have made my logo quite memorable and it will stand on my welcome pack.Sealife logo


Word count: 323


Below the Sea – Ideas

Image (8)

After investigating Rachel Wilson, I found that I really enjoyed producing studies based on sea creatures. After a bit of further development of my own illustrations I came up with the idea of producing graphics for the Sea Life Centre.  I visited the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham and I really enjoyed the day out. Whilst I was at the Centre,  free pirate hats were given out to the children and the children were given a quiz to complete on their way around the Centre, making the day out educational as well as exciting for the children. This has inspired me for my final outcome as I realised that I could make a welcome pack for the younger visitors when they came to the Sea Life Centre.

Word count: 127

Artist Research – Alice Pattullo

This artist took a very different approach to those that I have already looked at as she concentrates more on ships and buildings. Her style is quite similar to Rogers in a way that they both use different thicknesses of lines and different shapes to create detail. This artist is also quite different to the ones I have already looked at as this artist concentrates on boats and the more industrial side to the coast compared to the animals that are found in Wilson’s and Rogers’ works.

Word count: 88

Artist Research – Rachel Wilson

Another artist I looked at was Rachel Wilson who uses huge amounts of detail in her pieces. By applying shapes of all sizes in her work, Wilson defines her overall animal and also makes her work interesting to look at. I also quite like the use of colour. There is little colour used on the animal itself and where it is used and placed highlight the whole image as it is placed on shapes on the animal.

Word count: 78

Artist Research – Lucinda Rogers

The first artist I looked into was Lucinda Rogers. I love the mixture of fine and heavy lines Rogers uses to create detail and depth in her drawings also, the use of animals in Rogers work interested me the most. For example, although this piece of work does not relate to the coastal theme, it shows the use of Rogers thin and heavy lines perfectly, producing a realistic and detailed animal.

I decided to take Rogers style and by using my own photos of donkeys I took whilst visiting Southwold beach in Suffolk. Although I did not complete my sketch in Rogers style, I was influenced by her use of animals in her work. I used watercolours to paint this and I am very pleased with the outcome. This has made me consider animals on the coast and the possibilities I can create with the use of animals.Image (5)

Word count: 149



My initial reaction to the theme “coast” was animals associated with the sea. As a child, going to the rock pools always took up a large part of my time on the beach, discovering new and exciting creatures. From this idea, I came up with a series of smaller investigations along the thought of animals below the sea and how they can be brought into my work. I thought that boating trips could be a route I investigate further as many tourists go on these to see the many creatures of the sea, on this thought, I also thought about sea life centres, places where you do not need to go on a boat to see the animals that live below the sea. From these ideas I could create promotional materials for these businesses and create suitable logos for them. I also thought about the many characters that can be found on the coast; from fishermen to holiday makers, each type of person that goes to the coast has their own personality and I thought that comic postcards and promotional posters for famous seafronts would be a suitable way to reflect these personalities. I also thought about posters to promote popular seaside destinations, with associated structures such as the Blackpool tower and the amusement parks at Great Yarmouth. Architecture has always interested me; therefore, by looking at structures such as lighthouses could be turned into promotional material and also designs for mugs or bags.

Word count: 244